Strains List

  • Asia - This is one of our original strains and has it all! strong potent tea from the riverbeds of kalimantan, Indonesia! Expect these to be potent and true to color!
  • Boyan- Named after the region it is found in Borneo, these strains are bright and full of energy! Light and smooth, these will make any day a better one!
  • Banjo- Common name that holds its weight! These are from Hulu- Kapuas and known to be a bit slower and better for those not looking for energetic tea. Calm but powerful, always a good addition to your rotation!
  • MD- These are typically what you expect from a Maeng Da. A great, well rounded strain no matter the color!
  • Super- A superb blend of the best! Each color is a blend of the best in stock of those colors! expect these to be potent and vibrant!
  • CH Bent- Wonderfully dark and smooth! This fermented red (Bentuangie) is a smooth, slow, tea with a sweet, smoky aroma and great for nights and tough days. 
  • Golden Son- Our famous trifecta of tea awesomeness! This is our favored blend of all the best of all colors! Give it a try today! 
  • Moonlight-  A beloved 50/50 blend of red and white ( formerly Blood Moon, some call a "pink") for those days your back needs a break but you need some energy too!