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Please note!

We have had to discontinue free shipping until further notice.  We are doing our best to offer availability to our loyal customers and we appreciate your patience during this challenging time.  Half kilos are limited to two per purchase and quarter kilo and sample packs limited to four

We are operating with limited inventory and therefore only have the following strains.   If you select a strain from our drop down that we are currently out of, we will select the nearest strain we DO have in stock as replacement.   Here is what we currently have:

Green Boyan  –  Lk Supergreen  –  Green Lotus 

Green Bent  –  White Mamba  –  White Walter

White Lotus  –  White Banjo  –  Red Boyan  –  Red Md  

Super Red  –  Chocolate Bent  –  Blood Moon

Golden Son  –  Yellow Sunda  –  Gold Lotus

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