Chrome Process Killer

Anyone who uses Google's Chrome on Windows knows the frustration of lags and lockups.  For whatever reason, Chrome opens up a great many processes in RAM, many of which are the extensions which run under different chrome processes.  But for most of us with newer hardware this isn't a huge problem.   But when you shut down Chrome, many of these Chrome processes do not shut down with the mother ship.  And after a while of cruising the web, or hanging out on Facebook those orphaned processes begin to really add up.

Sometimes even opening your Task Manager and killing those tasks one at a time doesn't even work, and worse if you locked up.    This, after years of this silliness, I solved the problem with a sidecar application that has a very small system footprint and is easy to use.   Chrome Killer runs in your system tray (near your clock, normally at the lower right of your monitor).   As you begin to feel a slowdown in your browsing experience, simply run the "kill Chrome" task and it will clear your task list of ALL instances.    Since it's a sidecar application there is no window shot.  Simply RIGHT click on the software's icon in your system tray and choose "Chrome Killer" when you need to.

Chrome Killer works on all versions of Windows.


Small software writers / hobbyists do not bother registering their software titles generally and so it's possible that your installation of Windows Protection will hit you with a nag screen basically telling you that they don't know us.   Not only did we code this ourselves, but we also ran it through on line virus wear such as